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Starting with a natural goat’s milk soap, Kendall delicately lathered her face before applying a rehydrating cream.  

Lap of luxury: Standing in her sprawling bathroom the model filmed a skin tutorial in front of a luxurious gold bath tub

Lap of luxury: Standing in her sprawling bathroom the model filmed a skin tutorial in front of a luxurious gold bath tub 

Parisian persuasion: Using upscale products from a ritzy Parisian beauty brand she delicately rubbed various creams on her face

Clean canvas: She kept her hair slicked back in a high ponytail to ensure she could cover all surfaces of her famous face

Parisian persuasion: Using upscale products from a ritzy Parisian beauty brand she delicately rubbed various creams on her face

Pricey purchase: The gold bathtub which is an eye-catching fixture in her bathroom is worth a whopping $40K

Pricey purchase: pts terbaik asean The gold bathtub which is an eye-catching fixture in her bathroom is worth a whopping $40K

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    Instagram Reels tutorial: How to use the TikTok competitor

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    Reels is Instagram’s in-app TikTok competitor.

    Instagram/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    now has a new way for you to show off your creativity. The social media platform last week launched its competitor Reels, which lets you film, edit and post 15-second videos in the Instagram app. Reels, available now in the US, looks like it’ll give social media influencers and other creators a new way to make and share short-form content. 

    Instagram Reels will have some catching up to do. has been downloaded more than , and is among . Instagram, meanwhile, has over 1 billion monthly users, who skew . But Instagram’s familiar platform may make it a way for people who wouldn’t otherwise download TikTok to experiment with the 15-second video format. And since the White House is considering due to the app’s ties to China, Instagram Reels may pick up some users who are concerned about this, too. 

    Instagram Reels will feel familiar if you’ve used Instagram before, or if you ever made a Vine back in the day, or a TikTok more recently. 


    Instagram/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    How to make an Instagram Reel

    1. Download the latest version of the Instagram app on iOS or Android, and open the app.

    2. Swipe right to open the Instagram camera, or tap the camera icon in the top left corner.

    3. At the bottom of the screen, tap Reels.

    4. Tap the record button to film your Reel (the clip must last between 3 and 15 seconds). 

    5. On the left of the screen, you can explore Reel’s suite of editing tools, including adding audio, text or other effects. Augmented reality effects are an option, too. 

    6. Post your Reel to your Instagram page or story, or save the Reel to your drafts and keep working on it later. 

    If a Reel is saved in your drafts, you can find it in the Reels tab on your profile. You can also post your Reel to the Explore page, so any Instagram user can see it. Other Instagram users can like, comment on or save your Reel. 


    Instagram/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    Add videos you’ve already filmed to Instagram Reels

    If you have a video on your phone that you want to turn into a Reel, here’s how to do it: 

    1. Open the Instagram app. 

    2. Swipe right to open the Instagram camera.

    3. Choose Reels at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Swipe up to pull down your camera roll.

    5. Select the video you want and pts terbaik sumatera use the trim option if needed.

    6. Edit your video by adding audio, text or other effects.

    7. Publish the video on your Instagram feed or story, or save it as a draft.

    The Reels feature was first tested in India after there. It was also tested in Brazil, France and Germany.

    For more video help, check out our guide on , and the 

    The best online photo book services of 2021

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    My mom has a cabinet full of photo albums curated from years of vacations, birthday parties and family events. While the days of dropping off film canisters at a 24-hour photo counter and carefully arranging the prints in a physical photo album may be in the past thanks to the digital era, I find there’s still no replacement for actually holding those family photos in a photography book on my lap. 

    <p class="speakableText in a gorgeous glossy photo album.


    Putting a custom photo book together can be a relaxing hobby to take up.

    Vlad Fishman/Getty Images

    A number of reputable options from photo book services are available online to help you build a photo book project that can be mailed right to your door. The CDC and the WHO say it’s , but if you’re nervous about getting a printed book, you can also just save your project and order your photo album later. 

    We tested a few of the best photo books services to see how easy they are to work with, though we haven’t actually gotten any books made yet, so we can’t compare the quality of the final products.  Here are the best photo book services to check out online.

    Read more: 

    Shutterfly/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    Shutterfly is one of the better known digital photo book service options. The site can help you assemble a photo book with over a dozen occasion templates and book sizes, or with tutorials and ideas if you want to start entirely from scratch. You can also choose Shutterfly’s Simple Path, which uses the site’s software to instantly lay out your photos — you need only rearrange them if you like, and decorate and add captions with this editing tool. Basically, you’ll have a personalized photo coffee table book in no time.

    You can add print quality photography from your computer, or photos already uploaded to Shutterfly, Facebook or Instagram. You can also use stock photos from Shutterfly’s Art Library. Any photo you upload has to be in JPEG format. The website doesn’t take long to learn to navigate, even if you aren’t very digitally savvy. If you need a bit of inspiration, you can click Idea Pages for some premade templates. 

    How much it costs: Without the sales tax, an 8- by 11-inch 20-page hardcover photo book would cost about $40 before shipping and tax. , so you should be on the lookout for promo codes to apply to your personalized photo book purchase to save some money. If you add or delete something from your project, Shutterfly will tell you that the price of your project has changed.

    Mixbook/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    minimalist layout makes it very easy to use. The site has dozens of fun photo book themes — family, seasonal, wedding, travel, baby — and more specific designs in each category, perfect for a photo gift. There’s also the option to put a book together from scratch.

    Mixbook lets you upload print-quality photos from your computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram or Smugmug or use the photos you’ve already uploaded to the site. 

    I used Mixbook to organize my wedding photos a few years after the fact. It was easy to add and edit photos, text, extra pages and embellishments to the template I chose. You can swap themes at any time, but from what I can tell, you have to change the pages manually, though the photos will transfer over.

    You can be as creative as you want to be and veer away from the template as you like — or stick with it. As you build your book, you can click Preview to see how the final product will look along the way. When you’re satisfied with your book, click Order to finalize the photo book size, page and cover finish. 

    How much it costs: Mixbook offers a lot of customization options that can affect your final price. Photo books can be ordered in landscape, portrait or square shape in 6- by 6-inch, 8.5- by 8.5-inch, 10- by 10-inch and 12- by 12-inch sizes. Mixbook offers four different page finishes and five different cover option styles. The combination you choose, and any extra pages, will determine your price. 

    Choosing the regular semigloss page finish and a softcover can help keep . Designing a larger book with more bells and whistles like hardcover matte or leather with a dust jacket will raise the final price. For example, my 8.5- by 8.5-inch 39-page hardcover wedding photo book came to about $30 with a discount code, before tax and shipping.

    Snapfish/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    makes uploading photos to make an album super easy by organizing all of your uploads into a file. From there, you can let Snapfish autofill your photo book or add your images manually. Snapfish had a similar photo editing user interface to Mixbook, but was more sensitive about image resolution. For example, on both sites if an uploaded image’s resolution is too low, it’s flagged with a little exclamation mark. Some of the photos that were OK for Mixbook didn’t pass Snapfish’s resolution requirements. 

    Snapfish had dozens of templates and themes like Summer Snapshots, Grad Nostalgia, Family Farmhouse, Storybook Love and Moments with Mom. If you picked a template to start with, you can still swap pages for other backgrounds or change the book theme entirely. Some of the embellishments with certain templates had drop-shadows for each photo that made them feel more like traditional scrapbook pieces. 

    How much it costs: When you’re finished with your project, click Review and Buy to place your order. For an 8- by 11-inch hardcover 20-page photobook, Snapfish charged $40. The site also offered to print nine 4- by 6-inch glossy prints from the album for 9 cents each. 

    Walmart/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    Get started on your photo book by making an account on . You can customize your photograph book’s size, from 5 by 7 inches all the way up to 12 by 12 inches, kampus terbaik di lampung as well as the cover type, binding and how fast you want it delivered. Since I already had the photos available, I tested out Walmart’s All That Glitters wedding album template. You can swap templates at any time, but the photos you’ve placed won’t transfer, and you’ll need to put them back into the new layout.

    Walmart lets you upload digital photography from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Photos, but the site will only hold onto the photos for one year. After dropping a photo in, click it to start the editing process if you want to make adjustments. However, Walmart provides fewer photo editing options — a black-and-white or a sepia filter, the ability to crop, zoom, tilt, brightness adjustment and red-eye elimination — compared to other websites.

    It was easy to drag and drop photos or swap layout pages in the template. One of the downsides to Walmart’s photo books though was the lack of embellishments. The program lets you add text, but “stickers,” like those on other sites, would’ve taken the design process up a level. 

    How much it costs: Once you’re finished with your project, click Next to review your photo book in a storyboard format before you order. There’s also an option to preview the entire book page by page if you want a more detailed review before ordering. You’ll get an alert if you left any slots blank, so don’t panic. Walmart’s option is also the least expensive of the bunch: An 8- by 11-inch 20-page hardcover photo book cost about $19 before shipping and tax. The store offers free shipping on orders over $35.


    If you’re not keen on making an account and getting a slew of emails from a company, might be the way to go. With this photo book company, you can make a photobook as a guest, no account needed. 

    Mailpix offers premium ultra layflat, layflat, hardcover book and softcover photo book styles, ranging from 8-by-8 inches to 11-by-14 inches in size. The site recommends designing the book on a computer and using JPEG files. You can pick out styles for almost every occasion — birth celebrations, Mother’s and Father’s day, holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Hanukkah, birthdays and pets. 

    Choose a layout and upload your photos. You can change the page layout at any time and the photos you’ve added to that page will adapt (unlike with Walmart’s service). One thing I didn’t like about Mailpix was the red line that appeared around the page indicating that a section might be cropped out during printing. This made me a bit nervous — especially with embellishment-heavy pages, and I found myself distracted while I tried to imagine who my page would turn out.

    I experimented with a cute retro design that looked similar to something you might be able to recreate with real scrapbook materials. There was a nice diversity in page layouts, and the site warns you if a photo’s resolution is too low, so you can adjust. In addition, Mailpix updates your price total as you go along, so you’re not caught off-guard by the final price at checkout. 

    How much it costs: When you’re satisfied with your book, name it and choose how many copies you’d like to order. Select a cover style, add a photo if you’d like and check out. The prices for the book styles and amount of pages vary, like with the other sites — the fancier the book and more pages you add, the more expensive it gets. On Mailpix, every extra page cost $1.20.

    An 8-by-8-inch softcover book with 22 pages came $37.40 before tax and shipping — ground shipping is $9, but Mailpix had a spring sale going on and two promo codes available as well, which will lower your price a bit. 

    Google Photos/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    Instead of uploading your photos into another app, you can create a photo book with less hassle with . In the Google Photos app, tap the For You tab (on my Pixel 3 phone, it’s at the bottom of the screen, but it also works on desktop) and then tap the Prints button. Tap Photo Books to get started with a hardcover 9- by 9-inch or a softcover 7- by 7-inch. Both books start at 20 pages and can go up to 100 pages.

    Google will give you a few premade albums based on your photos, like Best of Winter 2019, or you can build your own photo book by choosing an album you already made. There’s also the option to start from scratch and manually add all the photos by tapping Make Photo Book at the bottom of the screen.

    Google Photos is probably the most basic choice if you’re going to order a photo book. It offers a minimalist layout on white pages that you can add captions to. There aren’t embellishments like there are on Snapfish or Mixbook, but you can still make creative layouts with multiple photos. Hold down a page and drag it to rearrange or tap to edit. Google Photos still has editing options in its app for you to add filters before creating a book. 

    How much it costs: A hardcover 9- by 9-inch photo book costs $20 and 65 cents for each additional page. A softcover 7- by 7-inch photo book costs $10 and 35 cents for each additional page before shipping.

    Blurb/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

    Making a photo book with Blurb has a bit more steep of a learning curve than the rest of the services on this list. Blurb is aimed at the professional photographer wanting to showcase work and possibly sell it with a professional photo book. You can still use Blurb to make a photo book as a keepsake or a gift for a loved one, but you need to download the free Bookwright app extension to do it after making an account with the photo book service. You can also use programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Lightroom, but I would only recommend using these if you already pay for them. 

    To start your project after you’ve downloaded Bookwright, you can choose your book preferences (cover, size, page style). I used a from Blurb to get the hang of the program. At its bare bones, the program works like other photo-book creation sites. Import the photos you want, choose to auto-create the book or drag and drop the photos into the layouts you choose. You can also design your own layout and save it for future use. Clicking Manage Photos displays all your pages in a spread so you can rearrange as needed.

    When you’re finished with the project, you can click Upload to send to Blurb. You can purchase physical copies of your photo book and/or get a digital version in PDF format ($5 extra). If you’re ordering multiple copies (10 to 20+), Blurb has up to 40% discounts. You can also upload editions to sell by clicking Sell Your Book instead of Order Your Book after uploading it. 

    How much it costs: Blurb, like the other services, lets you customize your project to best fit your price range. The site default recommends a 20-page 10- by 8-inch landscape photo book with an image-wrap hardcover and premium luster paper for $41. Each additional page costs 35 cents. My test album was the cheapest combination: A 20-page 7- by 7-inch softcover with standard paper for $15. Each additional page was 20 cents.

    Judge blocks TikTok ban as negotiations with US continue

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    TikTok logo

    The Trump administration has put a target on TikTok.

    Angela Lang/CNET

    A federal judge on Monday blocked a ban of , a move that comes as the Chinese owner of the short-form video app works to finalize a sale of its US operations that satisfies the US government.

    District Judge Carl Nichols said the government had “” its authority in pushing to ban the app. The order prevents the Commerce Department from prohibiting internet hosting companies, content delivery networks and other services from working with TikTok.

    The injunction is the latest twist in a saga that started in August when President Donald Trump signed two executive orders aimed at TikTok. One with TikTok, while the other required the sale of the US business. A Friday deadline for that sale expired without an extension though negotiations have continued.

    ByteDance has struck a preliminary deal with software company  and retail giant , but the agreement still needs to be finalized. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which reviews foreign acquisitions for national risks, has given ByteDance two extensions of the initial Nov. 12 deadline. 

    The Commerce Department said it will comply with the injunction but intends to “vigorously defend” Trump’s executive order, noting that it “promotes national security interests.” TikTok said it was “pleased” with the judge’s order.

    The Trump administration is pushing for the sale because of concerns the data TikTok collects could “allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information.” The ban of the app has been blocked on two other occasions, including an October decision by a US district judge in Pennsylvania. 

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Now playing:

    Watch this:

    TikTok-Oracle deal approved, temporary block on WeChat…


    What’s in the deal between TikTok, Oracle and Walmart?

    Oracle and Walmart would get stake in a new company called TikTok Global, which is expected to go public in the next year. Four of the five members on TikTok Global’s board of directors will be American.

    Oracle will host all US user data on its cloud platform and be tasked with “securing associated computer systems,” TikTok said in a statement.

    “We are a hundred percent confident in our ability to deliver a highly secure environment to TikTok and ensure data privacy to TikTok’s American users, and users throughout the world,” Oracle CEO Safra Catz said in a .

    TikTok Global also plans to create 25,000 US jobs as part of an expansion of its global headquarters, which will remain in the US. TikTok Global will pay more than $5 billion in new tax dollars to the US Treasury, according to . It will also create an educational program to “develop and deliver an AI-driven online video curriculum” that includes courses in math, reading, science, history and computer engineering for children.

    Does that mean ByteDance owns 80% of TikTok Global?

    There’s confusion over how big a role ByteDance would play in TikTok Global. ByteDance says that it will have an 80% stake in TikTok Global before the new company goes public. 

    But Ken Glueck, Oracle executive vice president, said in a statement that “upon creation of TikTok Global, Oracle/Walmart will make their investment and the TikTok Global shares will be distributed to their owners, Americans will be the majority and ByteDance will have no ownership in TikTok Global.”

    A person familiar with the deal told that ByteDance wouldn’t technically be an owner of TikTok Global because the shares would be given to ByteDance investors. About 40% of ByteDance is owned by US venture capital firms. 

    Meanwhile, a group of Republican US lawmakers has urged Trump to reject the deal if ByteDance still has control over TikTok’s US operations, data and algorithms. Trump has signaled that he wouldn’t approve a deal if Walmart and Oracle didn’t have most of the control over TikTok Global.

    “They are going to own the controlling interest. Everything is going to be moved into a cloud done by Oracle … and it’s going to be totally controlled by Oracle,” he told Fox News. “If we find that they don’t have total control, then we’re not going to approve the deal.”

    Why does Walmart want a stake in TikTok?

    TikTok has been experimenting with e-commerce features. Last year, the company started allowing some users to add links to e-commerce sites so people can buy products that are shown in videos. 

    Walmart said it will “bring its omnichannel retail capabilities including its assortment, eCommerce marketplace, fulfillment, payment and measurement-as-a-service advertising service” to TikTok.

    Does the Chinese government approve of the TikTok-Oracle deal?

    China reportedly but the current deal structure isn’t a full divestment. Still, there are signs that Beijing isn’t fully comfortable with the proposal. 

    “Based on what I know, Beijing won’t approve current agreement between ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and Oracle, Walmart, because the agreement would endanger China’s national security, interests and dignity,” tweeted Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times. The tabloid is backed by China’s Communist Party. 

    window.CnetFunctions.logWithLabel(‘%c One Trust ‘, “Service loaded: script_twitterwidget with class optanon-category-5”);

    In August, China issued new restrictions on artificial intelligence technology exports, a move that delayed the TikTok deal. Under the current proposal, ByteDance won’t be transferring its algorithm and technology to Oracle, which might satisfy Chinese regulators.

    What comes next?

    The legal battle is hardly over. TikTok has pending against the Trump administration to block the potential ban. While federal judges have blocked the ban from happening, the US government is appealing.

    CNET’s Steven Musil contributed to this report.

    2 years ago

    Sony’s PS5 controller is the most magical part of the next-gen console

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    The first time I picked up the DualSense controller, I thought: it’s like a little living thing in my hands. I was playing , a free PS5 game designed to highlight the new controller’s features. But, I also wondered: How many other PS5 games are going to take advantage of its wild, subtle features?

    Gaming hardware that reaches out and surprises is pretty rare. Usually, it’s Nintendo’s domain: the detaching, docking, transforming , or the Wii’s free-wheeling controllers. The and are pretty astonishing. Add to that list the ‘s magical new version of its controller, kampus terbaik di lampung now called DualSense instead of the older DualShock designation. 

    The PlayStation 5 is a graphically overloaded console with lots of potential, but its standout feature is clearly the upgraded DualSense. Launching Astro’s Playroom, the game preinstalled on the PS5, you get a showcase of what it can do. Its triggers stop and start to make it seem like you’re gripping ledges or pulling back bowstrings. Walking across ice, the controller tinkles and taps just perfectly to make it seem like I can feel the crunchy surface. The DualSense’s vibrational haptics really do create moments where I can almost touch the game.

    The PlayStation 5 should get its own in the next couple of years. But in the meantime, the DualSense offers a little promise of what Sony’s immersive gaming steps could head to next.

    But how many games will showcase these new features and will developers take the time? New interfaces are risky. Sometimes, as was the case with the Nintendo Wii, Wii U and even the Joy-Cons on the Switch, it’s not easy to get other games to come aboard.

    “Following discussions with game developers, we realized that ‘sense of touch’ within gameplay hasn’t been a focal point for many games in the PS4 generation,” says Takeshi Igarashi, VP of the Peripheral Design Department at Sony Japan, over email. 

    Sony has leaned on its own creative team to showcase the possibilities. Japan Studios’ Team Asobi has made games showcasing the PlayStation 4’s camera and PlayStation VR headset, and Astro’s Playroom does the same for the PS5. It’s as much a tutorial for new owners as it is an inspirational attempt to spark what other game developers could do next.


    Astro’s Playroom was built to show off the DualSense controller. It’s also a guided tour.

    Sony Computer Entertainment

    A playground of demos

    “A lot of games usually come from a narrative or a desire to tell a particular story. And in our case, the story is all about the mechanical device and its possibilities,” Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director at Sony’s Japan Studio, says about Team Asobi and how it made Astro’s Playroom.

    Team Asobi was sent its first DualSense prototypes back around early 2018, says Doucet, when the group was still busy making the PlayStation VR game Astro Bot Rescue Mission (which is one of my favorite PSVR games of all time). A dedicated DualSense team split off and started brainstorming clever things the controller could do.

    Now playing:

    Watch this:

    The PS5’s DualSense is a surprising reinvention of the…


    “We had 80 of these individual demos — we didn’t use everything. An individual tech demo could be archery, or it could be walking in the snow, or something like that,” says Doucet. “And then we would decide, in this world, we’re going to have these six or seven demos and we kind of stitched them together in a way that was as natural as possible. The idea is to kind of hide that to the user and just make them go on this magical journey instead.”

    Japan Studio’s work helped evolve the controller, too. “For the adaptive triggers, we applied existing mechanism design technology and went through multiple concepts and mockups to create something that worked with the DualSense controller, while making sure we didn’t sacrifice comfort and ergonomics,” Sony’s Igarashi says. “We played demos that were provided by the Astro’s Playroom team in Japan Studio and we bounced ideas off each other to come up with a variety of different vibration patterns.”


    Scott Stein/CNET

    Immersive magic, but without a headset

    I’m used to wearing VR headsets, but the PS5’s first accessories are immersive without anything to wear. Team Asobi’s previous PlayStation games were mostly VR-focused, but the goals with the controller’s haptics are similarly immersive. “You know, we’ve been playing games for so many, many, years and it’s sometimes difficult to get surprised again, right?” Doucet says of the challenge. But he saw a lot of potential in the adaptive triggers and haptics right away. “There could be lots of features that sound cool on paper, but you can never quite get them to deliver anything. But these ones were really, really quick to deliver.” 

    The team started with trigger-focused shooting gallery demos that used the haptics and combined sounds with haptics in Astro’s Playroom to create realistic-feeling effects like hitting ice or metal.

    “It’s kind of a trinity between what you feel, what you hear, from the controller especially and what you see on the screen. And your brain is really fooled into believing these. And the way you weight all these three elements is very important,” says Doucet.

    Now playing:

    Watch this:

    PS5 review: full breakdown of all the new features


    The effects are also directional and spatial. “In the sandstorm, you have the noise, but you also hear both the wind and the noise from the controller, you hear a kind of crackling sound as if the grains of sand were hitting inside,” Doucet says. “And then, of course, on screen, you also see the sandstorm coming at you. And what’s interesting is because we have two haptic motors in the controller, when the wind hits you in the game, it hits you from the front. And both of them produce haptic feedback on the same level. However, if you move the camera sideways and the wind comes from the side, then we balanced that where it comes from one side and travels to the other. So there’s a real time kind of element, according to the game camera, according to your position in a game.”

    Doucet sees possibilities for more game-centric ways of using that, to detect ghosts in a game, for instance. “It’s always important that these things are not just gimmicks or one-shot things, but can be built upon,” he says.


    Scott Stein/CNET

    Those crazy triggers: Rock climbing, squishy fish

    I was particularly surprised by how the PS5’s triggers can stop midway, vibrating with feedback but also seemingly transforming based on what you’re contacting. The closest thing the PS5 does to simulating touch happens when rock climbing in Astro’s Playroom, where the triggers give feedback and even lock in to create the feel of a ledge. 

    Some of Doucet’s early experiments with the adaptive triggers showcased surprising levels of realism. “We had a demo we didn’t put in the game, but it was a hand. You could kind of open and close it,” Doucet says. The hand would be able to grab different objects and crush things like glass balls. You could also pick up a fish.

    “You could close your hand and the fish would be moving along with the trigger. So it would be flipping and the trigger would be flapping too. And you could hear it coming from the controller.” Doucet says it was particularly surprising: “Seeing something moving inside your hand, fighting back because it’s moving, because it’s alive, it’s a very, very different kind of feeling. We didn’t put it in just because we didn’t have a good place to do it.”

    The way the triggers give feedback, tightening up and adjusting, suggests ways games could use the tech for training, or as a guide. Doucet sees possibilities in “precision playing,” but for Astro’s Playroom the goal was to be simpler, more child-friendly. Deeper use of the triggers only comes in one area, where the crumbling blocks require some finesse to reach an optional goal. It’s a start toward exploring other ideas.


    Dan Ackerman/CNET

    A lab to showcase magical possibilities

    While Astro’s Playroom is clearly made to entertain PS5 owners, Doucet’s team has used its experiments to showcase ideas for developers, too, as part of their role exploring how to make the most of Sony’s new hardware. 

    “We started going out to third-party publishers, developers who also work on PlayStation or plan to make PlayStation games, which is why [we made] some of the choices we made about the tech demos,” says Doucet. “We had one where you could bounce a ball and the ball could be a basketball, football, volleyball, ping pong ball. And they were all different expressions by the way they were bouncing back and the way the trigger would behave. And we did that because, we thought, well, we’re not making a sports game. But you know, there are people where the ball physics and ball behavior is quintessential to the experience. So let’s have this kind of demo and see how far we can push out and that goes up to them. And they can sort of get inspired.”

    There aren’t that many PlayStation 5 games that make the most of the DualSense feedback and triggers at the moment: Sony’s uses the subtle haptics a lot as a type of Spidey-sense, but not necessarily to transform gameplay. But those moments could come. It might take developers like Team Asobi to show the way, especially when a possible PSVR 2 arrives.

    WordPress Theme Development Tutorial In Urdu/hindi

    In this WordPress Theme Development Tutorial respect to build a blog yet internet site, ye undergo a bunch of choices to select from. But a by myself answer be able end above arrival a cluster of time. If you are surely starting out, WordPress is the auspicious platform so stands atop the relaxation. Deciding on the ideal comes podium due to the fact that web page is a predominant choice particularly such impacts your internet site's search engine optimization. Sturdiness WordPress is back CMS platform amongst the bloggers. There are many reasons that fulfill such popular content material fabric management device, which include, such includes purchaser friendliness, capabilities, customization, uninterrupted begin supply, at ease, contemporary, search engine optimization friendly, cutting-edge help network, handy in imitation of manipulate, and mobile optimized and lots more. This is a complete series of WordPress tutorial.

    It is straightforward in conformity with set-up or manages WordPress using the Tutorial. Its management seems like a cake stroll. It has capabilities, plug-ins, or issue subjects because of any event. Many WordPress users find that hard consistent with find correct topic or it leads in step with a protracted system. Many WordPress clients take into account lesson what the simple steps after propagate contemporary aspect are. if you are certain of them, then it manual do maintain beneficial due to you. This WordPress Tutorial affair development academic step by way of step pride assist thou after analyze what to assemble you latest subject matter.

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    This direction is respecting WordPress subject matter improvement and or after downloads it amongst urdu/hindi. This path will cowl every the basics or superior stages of coding a WordPress development subject matter out of scratch. Instructions are handy in step with recognize with excessive virtue on videos and audio. we choice construct up to 3 topics in some unspecified time in the future of that path which choice consist of constructing over a easy issue out of scratch and changing gift html template right into a WordPress theme development. We desire also put into effect a high-cease item settings panel then ye carry out construct top elegance problems due to the fact you clients. Many people find full course of WordPress tutorial but they cannot find the full this course every step is taken.

    This route not simplest consists of video lectures, it additionally has lamely questions alongside each oration then you can evaluate them mastering. This direction moreover endure assignments law along lectures, pts terbaik sumatera this delight help ye compare your skills.

    WordPress Theme Development Tutorial

    A WP theme carries out exchange the plan on theme website or weblog together with its format. If ye change you topic, that modifications the front-quit (what website online traffic see whilst that browse internet site on line regarding the internet) of you web site. There are dense WP situation topics available inside subject matter list over, but deep web sites use custom issues. When thou impact a theme, ye discern out what you internet website is displayed. There are much picks reachable because thou so ye propagate you custom subject matter..


    In rule to take it direction you must realize the similar programming technologies

    html/css (sturdy understanding)

    javascript/jquery (intermediate expertise)

    php/mysqli (simple information)

    Learning Fields About WordPress

    In it path ye desire observe a wonderful deal more than just factor improvement, however incomplete number one highlights are listed below.

    Basic WordPress subject development.

    Advanced WordPress theme improvement.

    Html template in imitation of WordPress topic conversion.

    Custom sidebars, templates, menus, put up kinds, features implementation.

    Bootstrap & font exceptional integration.

    Custom theme admin panel integration.

    How in conformity with promote wordprrss subject matters.

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    A way to promote WordPress subject development services.

    Free Download WordPress Theme Development Tutorial

    Price: Free

    Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Become Part of The Top 3 Percent Online

    Your success with affiliate marketing all begins with your affiliate marketing tutorial. In this article I am going to show you why the top 3% of people online make money with affiliate marketing. There is a reason behind the whole success they are having and it is not just luck.

    You are about to find out what you need to do in order to be successful online and kampus terbaik di lampung with affiliate marketing. If you use each of the items I mention in this affiliate marketing tutorial you will greatly increase your chances of success with your company.

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    One of the reasons why so many people fail online with affiliate marketing is because they think that the tools the company will supply will be everything they need. The truth is you need to use a few more tools, and use them in the right way to guarantee your success.

    In the list below I will cover the things you need to do and use to enjoy your financial freedom from affiliate marketing.

    1) Article marketing is a great way to know only promote your products, but also write about them and the benefits they have in using them. You can also write about related topics or show your readers how to solve a problem, then bring your product in as the solution. Remember articles stay online forever, so you could get free traffic for many years to come.

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    3) Using social networks to promote yourself and products is another powerful way to build your business. As long as you are using social media to its full potential you can build up many contacts and customers this way.

    4) Attend webinars as often as you can which are hosted by your company and other marketers. Also you can do your own webinars where you cover a certain topic and use your product on the back end.

    5) Visit other marketer's blogs, read their article and watch their videos to learn as much as you can bout affiliate marketing. Your company will only show you so much, the rest you have to find out for yourself. That is of course you have a top affiliate company, but they are few and far between.

    Now of course you have to tie all of this into your central hub, and that is your blog. You should your articles, videos, social networks, even your webinars should be on your blog. Your blog is your own piece of internet real estate and you should have it setup so people can get information about your product and opportunity.

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    What You Ought To Know Before Participating in College or university

    Doing your higher education is really worth the work it requires for many different reasons. Investing in the time to perform your degree doesn’t just enhance your upcoming fiscal prospects you’ll also increase your brain as well as your group of friends of societal contacts. Consider the uncertainty from planning and going to college or university using the concepts and information below.

    If you enter in your living space on the first day of college, a very important thing that you can do would be to fraternize along with your roommates. These will be the people that you just commit the remainder of the season with therefore it is very wise to make good friends using them right away.

    Organization of your respective time, your plan as well as your responsibilities is essential to making your time in school add up. You need to know exactly where you should be, when you are said to be there and exactly how you will definately get there. When you are not structured, you can expect to in the near future be confused and late with assignments.

    When you initially make an application for school, terbaik sumatera discover the professors. It is important to build a excellent romantic relationship with all the instructors if you wish to do well. Speak with every one of them, and get to know their objectives. It helps you during your complete university or college encounter to have them in your corner.

    Steer clear of understanding for large school assessments the night time before if you take in several caffeine intake or any other stimulant drugs. While these items will keep you up capable to review for extended, they could make you very exhausted every morning. Soon after utilizing chemical substance stimulating elements for some time, you will require a lot more and that may be harming to your all round mental and physical overall health.

    Make very good use of the university gym. They are both best ways to get exercise and also to meet new people. Many educational institutions likewise have health clubs with regard to their college students.

    Take advantage of the office time provided by your educational instructors. These time are given for the advantage. There is no much better way to obtain assist or information regarding a class than the one who shows it! Take advantage of the a chance to make inquiries, seek out clarification, or talk about your in-school performance.

    A list of pros a college education and learning can confer on an person is apparently limitless. As a result, university is one thing in which most are fascinated, but just how to get it done might be a secret. Consider the guidance you’ve just been presented to cardiovascular system, and you should be able to make smart decisions in relation to your college expertise.

    I'm A Celebrity 2020: Vernon Kay recalls Chequers trip with Tony Blair

    recalled the moment his wife gave him a dig in his arm as he cracked jokes with former UK Prime Minister .

    During Monday’s …Get Me Out Of Here!, the presenter, 47, entertained his fellow campmates when he revealed he was invited to Chequers during the politician’s leadership.

    The host admitted that while broadcaster Tess, 51, was left irritated by his humour, he and Tony, 67, surprisingly bonded over Lightsabers.

    Unlikely guests: Vernon Kay recalled when his wife Tess Daly gave him a dig in his arm as he cracked jokes with ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair during Monday's I'm A Celebrity

    Unlikely guests: Vernon Kay recalled when his wife Tess Daly gave him a dig in his arm as he cracked jokes with ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair during Monday’s I’m A Celebrity

    Vernon was inspired to reflect on the formal dinner after the camp commented on the full moon which illuminated North Wales’ Gwrych Castle.

    During the gathering with the Strictly star, Tony, his wife Cherie and Lord and Lady Sainsbury, the media personality touched on when the former Labour leader complimented the dark sky.

    The TV star shared: ‘I didn’t even look, I just went, ”yeah Tony, I know, I know, I…”, before making a cheeky wolf noise.

    Fun times: The presenter, 47, admitted that while broadcaster Tess (pictured in March), 51, was left irritated by his humour, he and the politician, 67, surprisingly bonded over Lightsabers

    Fun times: The presenter, 47, admitted that while broadcaster Tess (pictured in March), 51, was left irritated by his humour, he and the politician, 67, surprisingly bonded over Lightsabers

    Come inside... The host entertained his fellow campmates when he revealed he was invited to Chequers during his leadership (pictured with his wife Cherie at the country house in 2006)

    Come inside…The host entertained his fellow campmates when he revealed he was invited to Chequers during his leadership (pictured with his wife Cherie at the country house in 2006)

    When asked if the businessman was amused by his antics, Vernon – who knocked back a few glasses of wine – admitted that he was a fan, but his long-time partner Tess was left unimpressed. 

    The Splash star also explained how barrister Cherie, 66, Kampus Terbaik Di Lampung showed the guests around their former country house, which was filled with historic paintings and gifts from other countries.

    Vernon added that they saw some swords used by Oliver Cromwell as Tony claimed he knew how to use the weapons following a Lightsaber tutorial with Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson.

    Wow: The Splash star also explained how barrister Cherie, 66, showed the guests around the country house, which was filled with historic paintings (pictured in April)

    Wow: The Splash star also explained how barrister Cherie, 66, showed the guests around the country house, which was filled with historic paintings (pictured in April)

    Jokes on him: When asked if the businessman was amused by his antics, Vernon admitted that he was a fan, but his long-time partner Tess was left unimpressed

    Jokes on him: When asked if the businessman was amused by his antics, Vernon admitted that he was a fan, but his long-time partner Tess was left unimpressed

    Fun fact: The ITV star added that Tony claimed he knew how to use the weapons following a Lightsaber tutorial with Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson (picturted in 2005)

    Fun fact: The ITV star added that Tony claimed he knew how to use the weapons following a Lightsaber tutorial with Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson (picturted in 2005)

    Talking in the Telegraph, the former model said: ‘You just think big decisions have been made in these rooms…

    ‘Then Tess Daly from Strictly Come Dancing and Vernon Kay from Family Fortunes walk in.’

    Corrie star Beverley Callard appeared impressed by his anecdote as she said: ‘You just don’t expect that in Chequers do you, I want to go.’   

    Vernon and Tess share daughters Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11, who have been expressing their pride at their father’s stint throughout the series.

    Family first: The couple share daughters Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11, who have been expressing their pride at their father's stint throughout the series (pictured together)

    Family first: The couple share daughters Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11, who have been expressing their pride at their father’s stint throughout the series (pictured together)

    has revealed it is expanding its range of free online STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities to keep children educate and entertained over the holidays.

    The tech company’s selection of activities includes a new game called Cyber Robotics Challenge.

    This three-hour long event tasks a youngster with using maths to ensure a friend’s birthday present gets delivered by an Amazon fulfilment centre robot.   

    Amazon has also expanded its popular educational platform Maths4All to include secondary school-level activities as well as those geared towards younger pupils.

    Maths4All offers hundreds of worksheets on Kindle and Fire Tablets and maths challenges via Alexa. 

    Amazon said its free activities ‘can help maintain and accelerate learning and development’ at a time when children have had to adapt to life in a pandemic.  

    Shot of the interactive Cyber Robotics Challenge, letting children learn how Amazon manages to deliver so many packages with same-day delivery

    Shot of the interactive Cyber Robotics Challenge, letting children learn how Amazon manages to deliver so many packages with same-day delivery 

    Ofsted  that UK children of all ages and backgrounds have lost some basic skills and learning as a result of school closures and restrictions. 

    ‘At Amazon, we are passionate about education and learning,’ said John Boumphrey, UK country manager at Amazon.

    ‘After a disruptive year of Covid-19-related school closures and distanced learning, we wanted to support families by providing free and easily-accessible educational resources to help young people keep learning while having fun over the school holidays.’ 

    Here’s a look at the free activities available to children as part of Amazon’s push for children to make up for lost learning in STEM subjects. 

    Cyber Robotics Challenge 

    Cyber Robotics Challenge is a three-hour virtual learning experience where students learn the basics of computer science

    Cyber Robotics Challenge is a three-hour virtual learning experience where students learn the basics of computer science 

    Cyber Robotics Challenge is one activity on Amazon Future Engineer, the tech giant’s programme for lower-income backgrounds to try computer science and coding. 

    Challengers have to take control of Hercules, Amazon’s small, round fulfilment centre robot, to deliver their friend a birthday present on time. 

    The challenge is hosted virtually by Fernanda and Jacques, two real-life Amazon Future Engineer apprentices, who guide each student through the challenge and teach them about their own careers in computer science. 

    Students need to sign up with an account on the Cyber Robotics Challenge homepage and complete to earn a spot on a virtual leaderboard. 

    As well as hosting students, teachers can sign up an entire class on the platform within a ‘virtual classroom’ for a group play mode.  

    Other free resources available as part of Amazon Future Engineer include Hour of Code: Dance Party, an interactive dance-themed online coding tutorial. 

    The programme includes opportunities for students from lower income backgrounds aged 18 and over to apply for apprenticeships and university bursaries. 


    Amazon highlighted how some school children had lost basic skills and learning as a result of school closures caused by the pandemic

    Amazon highlighted how some school children had lost basic skills and learning as a result of school closures caused by the pandemic

    In July, Amazon teamed up with education bodies to , an online ‘storefront’ providing free primary maths resources.  

    Maths4All provides a selection of free, curriculum-linked maths worksheets, apps and games to complement work done at school. 

    Now, Maths4All is being expanded this week to also offer free maths learning resources for secondary school students.

    New offerings include GCSE and A-level prep books, maths books and workbooks from the Open University and the University of Cambridge and computing books from University College London. 

    Amazon has also teamed up with The Open University and maths sites including Conquer Maths and Cazoom Maths for the new secondary content.

    According to the Amazon, it’s added hundreds of new resources like books and worksheets for Kindle and Fire Tablets and free games and apps.

    Jamie Frost, who runs the online learning platform Dr Frost Maths, has also contributed a number of original secondary resources to Maths4All. 

    ‘I want to engage students in a way that is relevant to their interests and their lives, as this is the best way to encourage students to consider further study in these subjects,’ he said.

    ‘Our passion and enthusiasm as teachers plays a key role in developing world-class learning resources.’

    Alexa – the Maths Coach 

    Young owners of an Amazon Echo smart speaker (pictured, the new spherical model released this year) can engage with Alexa in a round of maths tests

    Young owners of an Amazon Echo smart speaker (pictured, the new spherical model released this year) can engage with Alexa in a round of maths tests

    Any bored children during the Christmas holidays can also test their maths skills with Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. 

    Just like Amazon offers apps for smartphones, it offers ‘skills’ for its Amazon Echo range of voice-activated smart speakers, which are powered by Alexa. 

    Amazon users can enable and disable Alexa Skills on their Amazon account with a simple click of a button.  

    For the Christmas holidays, ‘Maths Coach’ is a skill that aims to keep children’s ‘mathematical brain active’ with five levels of difficulty.

    Once Maths Coach is enabled, kids can say ‘Alexa, ask the Maths Coach to start a test’ or ‘Alexa, ask the Maths Coach for a hard addition test’. 

    For some more ‘light-hearted learning’, they can also say ‘Alexa, tell me a fact about maths?’, ‘Alexa, tell me a joke about maths’ or ‘Alexa, rap about pi’.   

    There are also games that can be enabled through Alexa Skills, including Math Mountain, where players have to answer seven maths questions correctly to reach the summit. 

    Amazon account holders can enable Maths Coach online, turning digital assistant Alexa into a maths expert

    Amazon account holders can enable Maths Coach online, turning digital assistant Alexa into a maths expert

    Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize 

    In November, Amazon launched the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize, a UK-wide challenge for terbaik Sumatera 11- to 16-year-olds to submit their ideas on how they would use technology for social good. 

    Teams are invited to ‘put their passion for STEM subjects to the test’ by creating solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues from climate change to ageing populations. 

    The programme hopes to provide young people from all backgrounds with an introduction to the possibilities of entrepreneurship in STEM.

    Children can form team and enter the virtual competition until February 12, making the Christmas holidays a perfect time to enter, according to Amazon. 

    The firm said it’s also working with education charity Teach First to support the recruitment and training of 50 secondary school computer science teachers and more than 200 careers strategy personnel.  

    <div class="art-ins mol-factbox sciencetech" data-version="2" id="mol-7fed60c0-34aa-11eb-8b65-4b08ea74f04a" website launches free STEM resources for kids for the Christmas break