Bed Headboard Design: Selecting a Headboard

Bed headboard design has develop into even more vital than the bed. Choosing a headboard now takes up more time than choosing the bed – apart from the mattress of course. Persons are now not interested in the bed itself – the framework upon which the mattress sits and to the headboard is bolted. Probably because that may be a part of the bed that is hardly ever seen!

History of a Bed Headboard

We aren’t discussing these all singing all dancing bed panels with all of the bells and whistles resembling an integrated radio, alarm clock, bookshelf and lights. We are discussing plain boards with no bells and no whistles. Your headboard can set the decorative model of a bedroom, and also can express your own style of creativity.

Some confer with the headboard as being the frame to the bed’s painting. The truth is, it has gone additional than that and has turn into the painting itself. The footboard contributes to an extent, and so does the quilt or bed covering. The bed frame, as said above, will not be seen. Nevertheless, typically parlance, the bed is the entire item, and the head of the bed, footboard frame and bed coverings are merely components.

Through the ages, the top part of the bed has been developed to protect folks from drafts while sleeping, and has also been used as a backrelaxation and headrest, as a table for consuming in bed (the board could be unlatched and placed over the lap) and as immediately, for preventing pillows falling behind the bed.

At the moment, they’re primarily decorative, and chosen to either set the decorative theme of the bedroom or to follow it. There is a huge collection of completely different styes available in every colour of the rainbow. Nevertheless, it is the strong wood versions that most people select, each for their looks and their style.

Types of Headboard

An example of favor is the sleigh bed, where the board curves backwards within the semblance of a typical Father Christmas sleigh both at the top and on the finish of the bed. The footboard is often ignored in such discussions, but it too has a part to play within the general design of a bed. Others styles are available in form of paneled wooden boards, wrought iron and a mix of the two.

The fashion of the headboard can be utilized as the focal point of a bedroom. Some people choose this to be in a coloration that contrasts or clashes with the primary color theme of a room. For instance, a bright red panel in a room in any other case decorated with pink or earth pastel shades.

Nevertheless, the preferred types of headboards are crafted in strong wood – oak, cherry, maple, mahogany and American walnut are five of the more well-liked woods. These are normally paneled, and may display some form of ornamental carving. Upholstered versions are steadily deep buttoned, generally tufted to give the headboard a quilted appearance.

Headboard Fixings

One option is a detached fashion which is connected to the wall, the bed being pushed hard up towards it. A possible problem with these is that whenever you come to switch your bed, you either have to redecorate the wall or use a new board of the same size and shape – and even keep the identical headboard! It’s also possible to get floor-standing versions that are not fixed – a better option than wall-mounted styles.

Some are fixed as an integral part of the bed itself, so once you determine to change the bed you will need to also change the headboard – and if you want to change that, then it’s essential to also buy a new bed! Not just that, but in case you have a ravishing antique headboard, you cannot use it with that type of bed. The most versatile type is one that is attached to the bed with screws or clips, so you change one or the other separately.

Factors to Consider when Selecting

Fist look at your bedroom as a whole. How big is the bed compared to the bedroom? Since most individuals select the headboard along with the bed, the question will generally be how big the bed should be. That ought to be decided partially by the space available and partially by the height of who’s to use it.

Then look at your current décor – is that to be retained or changed to suit the bed? Folks do not generally redecorate their bedroom after they need a new bed! Is natural wood finest, or would favor it to be colored – painted or upholstered. These questions can only be answered by you, and your solutions will determine the style and end of your new bed headboard.

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